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My Happiness Project

This blog is focused on my Happiness Project effort over the next year, starting on my birthday June 13. I have decided to do this for several reasons:

  • I have been feeling less and less joy in life as the years have passed. I think the accumulation of experiences and my current emotional/career/financial states are overwhelming my usual sunny perspective. I need to work on not only recognizing and appreciating the good things in my life, but also to look for other opportunities to be happy.
  • I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and thought it was interesting and a great template for my own process.
  • Focusing on a different, important area of my life each month will not only benefit me, but also those who are impacted by that area of focus.

My areas of focus for June 13, 2011 through June 13, 2012 will be:

  1. Food: my relationship with it, as well as expanding my cooking skills
  2. Parenting: I’ve moved from parenting a child to parenting a teen. I want to get the most happiness out of these years
  3. Work: How do I get the most out of these 8 – 9 hours per weekday?
  4. Money: not happy about it these days!
  5. Friendships: hanging out with friends makes me happy…if they are the right type of friends for me.
  6. Healthy Body: taking care of my body not only makes me happy, it also alleviates worry.
  7. Family Relationships: it’s important to me to find happiness in my family relationships and model that for my son
  8. Energy: getting older has really impacted my energy level
  9. Giving to Others: I continue to experiment with ways to give to others because I know it makes me happy
  10. House: Especially while the market is down and my income is not increasing, I want to make my house as happiness-inducing as possible
  11. Mental Fitness: I am a lifelong learner, but it’s too easy to be passive and intake junk info
  12. Putting it all together: in my final month of the project, I’ll reflect on what worked the previous 11 and carry those practices forward

I intend to blog at least once a week on my progress and reflections.



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